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National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Eligibility Data

Each October, schools submit to TEA their NSLP participation data, which is validated and typically available for public review during the year. The following are links to current and previous years’ NSLP Data as reported to TEA by schools:

Year 17 - 2014-2015

Year 16 - 2013-2014

Year 15 - 2012-2013

Year 14 - 2011-2012

Year 13 - 2010-2011

Year 12 - 2009-2010

Year 11 - 2008-2009

Year 10 - 2007-2008

Year 9 - 2006-2007

Year 8 - 2005-2006

Year 7 - 2004-2005

Year 6 - 2003-2004

NSLP Eligibility
National School Lunch eligibility is based on 185% of the federal poverty guidelines. Whether a student participates in NSLP or if the school serves lunches is irrelevant. The issue is whether or not a student's family falls within the income eligibility guidelines of NSLP. See NSLP Income Eligibility Guidelines for the most recent income requirements which are updated each July 1.

If you use NSLP participation data to calculate your E-Rate discounts, you have two choices of data sets.

       1) The data that was reported to the TEA last year, or
       2) The data that was or will be reported to TEA around October of THIS year (preferable).

Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) staff is aware that NSLP data is posted on the state web site and will look there for their first verification of discounts. If the data sets do not match, they will contact the applicant to determine how they arrived at their NSLP data.

Determining NSLP Eligibility vs Actual Participation
If your school does not participate in the NSLP or has a school(s) that is undercounted, you may wish to seek alternative methods to determine eligibility vs participation. For guidance on these alternative methods, see NSLP Alternatives.